Get Lit Festival vol 2!

Get Lit Festival vol 2!

We promised something bigger, we guaranteed something better! Now this is your opportunity to be a part of something unique right here in the heart of Warsaw!

On Thursday, August 10th, come on over to Klub SPATiF and witness this multicultural/multilingual festival combining all of the performance arts we can fit under one roof!

You wanted poetry? We have that!

Spoken word and dancing? No doubt!

Comedy? Story Telling? What about musicians??
Check. Check. Double- no, quadruple check!

The main part of the festival will begin at 7pm, AND we’ve arranged an afterparty, later.

Our line up is a special blend of what Warsaw and Poland has to offer, including:

singer/guitarist Joaquin Anton, John Mojo
poet/performer KaVi Kozłowska, Urszula
stand-up comedian Andre Sosnowski, Ravi Kr

and plenty more to announce over the days leading up to the festival.

We ALSO have a special artistic duo coming from Texas and London, The One Thousand Project!

The idea is to bring us closer together through various forms of art, enjoy the talents of the performers, and meet new people you didn’t know were sharing this great city with you AND it’s

FREE to enter!