Seria koncertów 'Let me introduce’

Seria koncertów 'Let me introduce'

Ilość bardzo ciekawych propozycji koncertowych, głównie z zagranicy, rośnie. Cykl koncertów, pod tytułem “Let Me Introduce”, to seria prezentacji nieznanych, a mających znamiona wyjątkowych, artystów z Polski i ze świata.

Mając świadomość, iż to co naprawdę nowe jest zawsze nieznane, autorzy cyklu starają się być bardzo uważni w doborze zapraszanych artystów, aby nigdy nie umknęło im coś ważnego.
Wybór będą prezentować tak, aby zadbać by każdy z koncertów cyklu był wart poświęconego przez Państwa czasu i uwagi.
Koncerty będą bezpłatne, a wynagrodzeniem dla muzyków będzie to co otrzymają od Państwa do wystawionej po koncercie skarbonki.

21 marca godzina 21:00, wstęp wolny

Zamoyskiego 20, 00-001 Warszawa, Polska

Tego wieczoru odbędą się 2 koncerty, które postanowiliśmy ująć w cykl „Let me introduce”

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A series of concerts entitled 'Let Me Introduce’ presents unknown, yet exceptional, artists from Poland and around the world.
The amount of interesting musical propositions keeps growing.
Taking into consideration that new is always unknown, we choose artists very carefully in order not to miss something important.
Our choices will be presented in a way that every single concert is worth your attention and time.
Concerts are free of charge and the musicians will receive what the audience puts in the piggy bank sitting at the bar after the concert.

Danilo Casti is an electroacustic musician and composer born in Cagliari (Sardinia island,Italy). He’s been present in the Italian electronic music scene since 2000, starting his music career with hardcore punk, moving to noise-drone, glitch, acousmatic and electroacustic music. His music research ranges from experimental theatre, to contemporary dance, video and multimedia installation. Over the years he has developed an interest in real time composition methodologies. He has collaborated with several artists and he performed at various festivals of electronic music, theatre and dance all around Europe, USA, Japan and South East Asia. He is one of the founders of the performance group OOFFOURO. In 2003 he organised the festival EnToPan at the Foundry in London and Multiversal EXP-OFF festival in Cagliari.

Sharpened gloss is the third act of the project XOVER.
The performance encompasses monolithic and generative rythm, glitches, drones, noises and field recordings. Xover is a research path between digital and analogue sounds, between programming and circuit bending, concrete and abstract sound objects. Structures are deconstructed to disrupt time perception and audio spaces, everything overlapped by generative visual textures.

Dalila Kayros is a musician, vocal researcher, composer, improviser. Her last effort “Nuhk” released by dEN Records on 2013 and supported by an Italian and European tour got
greats feedbacks in the worldwide underground scene. She performed at many festivals like “Signal”, “Inner_Spaces”, “Muviments”, ”Novara Jazz” ”Purci Dance Party2017” (with POSSESSED), “Frantic” etc. She work with the band “SYK” wich released the first album “Atoma” through the czech label “L’Inphantile Collective” and recently signed a deal with Philip H. Anselmo’s “HouseCore Records” for the release brand new S Y K’s album I-OPTIKON. IN 2017 I-Optikon it’s been supported by an Italian and European Tour together with the band Child Bite. She collaborates with Combat Astronomy, Stefano Ferrian, Carnenera, Vultur, Francesco Zago, Yugen, Nu-Timbre, Claudio Milano, Mikolaj Trzaska and many others. “Tempo Reale Festival2013” award with Filippo Mereu’s electroacustic composition “Opera Macchina”. Actually a main figure in the Italian experimental music scene and the vocal researchers.

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